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Online Eviction Submission
In order to better serve my clients, I am now offering online submission of your eviction request and documentation.

To begin an eviction, you should complete the submission form linked to this website and upload in either pdf, doc, rtf, gif, jpg, or bmp format copies of the lease, addendums, application, account ledger and notice of default (notice to quit) along with security reports, police reports, tenants complaints or other evidence proving the grounds for eviction. For new clients, you must execute an attorney-client engagement letter that sets forth my fees, charges and payment terms. Once received by email, you should execute the engagement letter and fax or email a copy to me so that I can expedite your eviction. For each online submission, I will send you an email confirming our receipt of the documents and will ask you for any additional information.

I will prepare a draft of a Complaint In Unlawful Detainer and an Affidavit and email them to you. You then review the Complaint and the Affidavit and if they are accurate, then you execute the Affidavit, have your signature notarized and mail/deliver the original back to my office. If you have changes to the documents, you can call, email or fax the changes back to me. Once I receive the Affidavit, I will file the documents with the local Circuit Clerk's office and will have the tenant served with the lawsuit.

We will keep you informed as to the status of your eviction by email. If you have any questions, you can always email or call us. I encourage you to try submitting your eviction online. You will be pleased with the convenience and speed in which your eviction will be processed and filed.

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Online Eviction Submission