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Since 1986, I have represented commercial and residential property management companies and individual landlords and have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas. We provide FAST eviction services at reasonable rates in order to get your property producing rent again.

I currently represent over 26 different commercial and residential property management companies and over 60 different multi-family housing communities in Arkansas. I file hundreds of evictions each year throughout the State of Arkansas, so I am is the most qualified to assist you with these matters. I can also help with you collecting unpaid rent and damages from your tenants.

In 2011, my firm entered into a marketing agreement with Nationwide Evictions. Nationwide Eviction is an online eviction processing system that connects landlords and property managers with real estate attorneys. The Nationwide Eviction system provides attorneys and property managers with the ability to:

• Electronically receive information necessary to file eviction requests from clients
• Communicate with clients through a message center
• Print county-specific forms necessary for eviction filing with court, completed with pre-populated information from the client
• Provide automated updates to client on the status of the case

Whether you are a commercial or residential landlord, the Law Office of David E. Simmons can assist you with your eviction needs.
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