Landlord-Tenant Disputes Lawyer Proudly Protecting the Interests of Little Rock Landlords

Landlords must face the reality that they are bound to encounter conflict with some of their tenants. Whether disputes arise regarding property damage, security deposit issues, failure to pay rent on time, or lease termination, David E. Simmons Attorney at Law is here to help you. Commercial leases and residential leases differ quite a bit, so it is essential to work with a lawyer who has experience with both of these areas. Since no two cases are alike, we will provide you with the individualized attention you deserve to find a satisfactory solution that meets your particular needs.

Handling Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

If you are the owner of a commercial building, a dispute with a tenant can lead to unanticipated costs. Even if you have appropriate grounds for an eviction, proper notice is usually required. David E. Simmons Attorney at Law aims to resolve any disputes as quickly as possible so that commercial landlords and their tenants can resume a mutually beneficial relationship. In the case an eviction is necessary, we will guide you through the process to ensure you can move forward and achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

Resolving Residential Landlord-Tenant Disputes

David E. Simmons Attorney at Law has extensive experience with all types of residential-landlord disputes, ranging from disputes over property improvement issues to disputes over unpaid rent and security deposits. Our firm proudly serves Little Rock and Greenbrier residential landlords, and we strive to minimize the conflict in residential disputes and find an effective and lasting resolution.

David E. Simmons Attorney at Law provides personalized and strategic landlord-tenant dispute counsel to clients in Little Rock and the surrounding areas.

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