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David E. Simmons Attorney at Law focuses on representing your interests as a landlord in a cost-effective manner. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped clients reach their objectives by giving them honest advice on their options and taking a proactive approach to issues that landlords consistently face, including disputes with tenants, the Fair Housing Act and evictions. Our firm’s attentive service, knowledge base and effective strategies have made us the legal resource of choice for all landlord-tenant law matters.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

David E. Simmons Attorney at Law helps individuals and families avoid financial hardship through careful preparations for the future. Provisions for when a spouse enters a nursing home, Medicaid eligibility, and disability planning are all components we can include in your estate plan. We also draft durable powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, living trusts, and living wills. Our goal is to assist you in preserving and transferring your assets with confidence and security.

Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act was designed to help prevent discrimination based on race, color, nation of origin, religion, sex, family status, or disability when someone is renting a property. As a landlord, it’s incumbent upon you to understand and comply with the Act in order to avoid claims against you by current or prospective tenants. That’s where it pays to have an attorney who can help you represent how your actions are within the bounds of the law. Whether you’re dealing with keeping your online listings non-discriminatory and inclusive, or maintaining reasonable accommodations for your rental, David E. Simmons Attorney at Law can help you make sure that you’re in compliance, and can represent you in litigation if necessary.


It’s not easy to maintain a residential property and manage tenants who may willfully break the terms of your lease after they sign it. When you need to evict a tenant based on broken lease terms, it can be a real legal headache involving lots of paperwork. David E. Simmons Attorney at Law can help you navigate the eviction process effectively, so that you have a little less to worry about.

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Since 1986, David E. Simmons Attorney at Law has assisted landlord clients in Little Rock and the surrounding areas with their complex legal issues. If you have questions or issues regarding landlord/tenant disputes, the Fair Housing Act, or evictions, attorney David E. Simmons can help you work up an effective legal strategy that helps to resolve your issue either in or out of court.

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